Chatting with Life Coach Meagan Mae

With the pressure of applying to summer internships it’s good to have a friend to talk to – or a life coach. I had the pleasure of speaking with Meagan Mae ; an amazing life coach who spoke with me for forty five minutes, about everything and anything.

Since it happened to be my first time speaking to a life coach I didn’t know what to expect. The flow of the conversation was easy going.  I was pretty happy about that, since last week i was bombarded with interviews for Summer internships.

meagan maeMeagan Mae has previous background in public relations therefo
re,  it was great talking to someone who understands the career I want to go into. She gave me great recommendations and insight on how I can grow my blog, take it easy in school, and enjoy myself. Having someone listen to my problems was the perfect way to clear my head.
I ended the call feeling motivated, relieved, and empowered
. I am so excited for what the future has in store for me! Speaking to a life coach is something I highly recommend.
Getting advice, and focusing on your
goals will only encourage you  to succeed further.

Check out her site right here.

With love,



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