The latest trend flooding social media is color block jeans and I am living for it. The two tones give jeans an edge, and break the “denim on denim” fashion rule. Jeans are no longer the background noise. Ready to make a bang this Spring, color block is in full effect. IMG_0732
While walking around Urban Outfitters one day I saw a shirt that was made from two shirts cut down in the middle. I examined the shirt, the price tag said $68 I scoffed knowing I could get it for cheaper. In fact, i got TWO shirts for $12! Thanks to my friend his mom cut the two pieces together and sewed them in half. Looks awesome right? lately, I’ve been falling in love with necklaces. I layered  my Alex and Ani Laughing Buddha necklace with my name plate, and gold chain, adding a bit of sparkle to my outfit. Each necklace truly has a special meaning and place in my heart. IMG_0724

My Nike shoes, were the finishing touch to create this look. Patching all the elements together. See what I did there?

With Love,


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