Au Revoir

fairwell5Sophomore year has finally ended, and I’m totally not freaking out at the fact that I’m halfway done with college. My final look in college is a fun farewell to campus couture. With May comes a time of confusion. Seventy degrees, cloudy, and windy – what to wear?   The wind makes it too cold for shorts, but you hear seventy degrees and you’re ready to break out those new sandals you got way back in February. I relate 100%.

Here, fairewell2.jpgI styled something that kept me warm, but if necessary I could take off the cardigan and keep cool in the spring air. I pulled the light blue and red combo from the body suit I had purchased from Pac Sun. I especially liked the embroidered rose; simplebut fun. Using the red in the rose, I went with a red chunky belt I found on Amazon. The belt added a great touch to the outfit since, the blue from both the bodysuit and the jeans could wash me out.
In my opinion the perfect shade of grey can compliment any outfit. From charcoal to stone it’s definitely a go to color in my closet. For this outfit, I added a necktie which brought a fun fifties twist to it. I have been digging this trend for some quite some time now. It’s chic and if worn right can jazz up any outfit. I added the cardigan, in order to make sure i was cozy enough to combat the strong wind Ithaca had.

Tying this outfit together I went with my Fila Originals. The red in the shoe coordinated with the details perfectly. I can’t wait for Summer so i can break these clean white sneakers into my daily wardrobe.


Goodbye sophomore year! I am beyond excited for what junior year has to offer me and all the trends to come.

With Love,

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