Bouncing Back with Ouai Curl Jelly

Before I get into my review on The Ouai Curl Jelly, I want to share my haircare journey with you all. We all have a hair story don’t we?

That moment where we’re just like “shit”. 

That may be at a hair salon, or a sudden need to give yourself bangs – we’ve all been there. Well mine started in middle school when my mom picked up the hair bleach, I had begged her for months on end to dye my hair so we finally did it. Manic Panic, Splat, ion – oh I went through it all. Pink, purple, green, you name it. I bleached it a total of three times before I decided to grow it out and cut it off.

Before hair dye, my hair was dark brown nearly black and pin straight. After dying, I had slight waves, and medium brown hair. For a while, I would tell people I had “stravy hair” straight-wavy, a hybrid. Over time my hair has gotten lighter and wavier. Okay i’ll admit it, I may have thrown in some Sun-in, but it has gotten significantly lighter compared to before.

My hair was dry and confused. I began using hydrating masks, and serums. As well as my best friend, heated rollers.  If you haven’t tried heated rollers yet, you need to. They will save you so much time compared to a wand, and give you bouncy curls.

Every time, I cut my hair, my ends are brought back to life and suddenly my hair is fuller, and voluminous. However, when I cut my hair last week I didn’t notice the usual fresh look my hair has had in the past.

Cue Ouai Curl Jelly.


Not only did this jelly bring back my waves, but it made my flyways disappear. Usually i have to brush the frizz down with a hairspray that leaves my hair feeling crunchy and hard but not this time. As for consistency, the curl jelly isn’t sticky at all. It’s more of a liquid than a jelly. It’s light weight and comfortable to maneuver when applying through the hair.

But Sarah how does it smell? There has to be something wrong with it. Nope. One pump and you have a garden of hibiscus flowers. I love it. The scent is just the perfect reminder that Summer is here and it’s time to rejuvenate those curls. Overall, Ouai Curl Jelly is something that’s definitely staying in my haircare ritual.

With Love,

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