Warby Parker Vs. EyeBuyDirect

When online shopping was introduced it changed the game. Buying glasses online? Mind Blown. 

That is of course, until companies like Warby Parker and EyeBuyDirect came into play.

When it comes to glasses I am very particular. I take everything into consideration and I mean it.

How heavy will the glasses feel on my face?
What’s the nose bridge like?
Will the frames cover my eyebrows? (very important question)
Are the ends of the glasses comfortable or will they squeeze the back of my ear?

Clearly, buying glasses from an online site would be difficult for me. However, I gave it a shot. I needed a cheap pair since I had lost my other ones traveling back and forth from college, sigh. Also, since it hadn’t been two years since I got my last pair of glasses my insurance wouldn’t cover it.


The first site I decided to check out was EyeBuyDirect. YouTubers were raving about this hot new site with an awesome selection of glasses for cheap. Too good to be true? Nope. EyeBuyDirect is such an amazing place for those that want cheap trendy glasses. I never found the sense in buying something on-trend when it would be over saturated the next season. So I ordered a pair, along with a snazzy case and patiently waited for my glasses to arrive.

They came in the mail about two weeks later, and unfortunately I had to return them soon after. They are still an awesome site! Hear me out.

For starters, the prescription I was given by my optician weren’t right, I needed bi-focals! I should also mention my prescription is incredibly strong. Second, the frames just weren’t for me. Super trendy, super cute, but not Sarah. My entire order, including the case, came out to $50. Did your jaw drop? Mine did at checkout. Returning them was a bit interesting, since it was all through email but I did get a full refund.

Moving on to Warby Parker I feel like I can write an entire research paper on this brand – oh wait I did. Research aside customer service is where its at.

wpMLucky for me, Warby Parker has a store in New York City. Although they are mostly sourced online this physical space gave me the chance to try out glasses and see which ones fit my face best and matched all my requirements. The Dahl were the winners but the Blair was my second choice.

My favorite feature on Warby parker is their “Try-On at Home” experience. You can have five different frames shipped to your house for free, see which one you like best and then order! You won’t get charged a dime unless you don’t send back the five frames you had received. All their frames are below $150, and they have an awesome warranty policy. Since my lenses were progressive they were a little pricier than the typical lens cost. It’s also super important to mention how Warby Parker gives back to the community. If you haven’t noticed – companies are becoming more transparent about how they give back. They want consumers to be consciously aware of how socially responsible they are.

Not only does EyeBuyDirect and Warby Parker specialize in glasses, they also do sunglasses! Online stores are definitely making their own mark in today’s shopping industry. Who knows maybe in twenty years we’ll only have flagship stores and everything will be online. What do you think?

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