My Friend Tom

My poor friend Tom. Nobody talks about them, nobody likes them, but everybody seems to have a name for them. Shark Week, Bloody Mary, Girl Flu, Ketchup Diet, Leak Week, are all examples that a menstrual cycle has been code named for. As I hide my tampon in my sleeve I wonder why am I doing this? Why do I feel it necessary to hide a basic reproductive right? No, this isn’t a feminine manifesto created to convince you that women are the superior race.

Art by Karl-Joel Larsson

 This is just me questioning why I feel It necessary to say period in hush tone, and maybe have you question why you do it too.

Women suddenly turn into ninjas sneaking around hiding their feminine products, why? Because periods are taboo. We don’t talk about periods the way we should because the focus on periods is about how “gross” they are. Believe me, I know how painful periods are but they shouldn’t be stigmatized. It is natural. Say it with me now, nat-ur-al. No one should feel weirded out when periods are discussed. It shouldn’t be something people move around their seat uncomfortably when mentioned.

Did you know on average women spend $60 on feminine products a year? $60 and I can’t even whip out my tampon without feeling some sort of shame.

This is my conscious effort to stop the stigma around periods. To make other women feel comfortable on the least comfortable week of the month. Because if a women can’t help another women out, who can?

Art By Ruso Margishvil

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