Mermaid Hair Doesn’t Have To End At The beach

Anyone in NYC can agree that this summer has not been the best beach weather and when it was heat wave status , well I was interning on a nine to five basis . Which also means a lack of beach days for me. No beach days equals no beachy mermaid hair, golden tans, or belfies. While I can’t do much about the belfie, or tan dilemma, I can share with you my secret to textured summer hair that I was able to rock and pretend I hit the beach up. 

VERB came out with a Wave and Texture Kit back in May, and I had the chance to try all their products to see if it should go on the shelf, or stay in the closet. Not only did these products go on the shelf, but they went everywhere with me.

Sea Shampoo + Conditioner


Rule of thumb: Never ever EVER wash your hair everyday. Washing your hair everyday can strip your scalp of natural oils. When your scalp is stripped of naturals oils, it thinks it needs to produce double the amount of oil to make up for it. My goal is to wash my hair every two days, but I always give in and wash my hair every other day.

I noticed when using this shampoo, I didn’t need to wash my hair as much. Spray a little dry shampoo on day two and I was good to go. Ever smelled a clean ocean before? If you’re a native from New York the answer is probably no. Smell any of the products from this collection and its like your automatically transported to the Bahamas. The blue tint in both the shampoo and conditioner give you total mermaid vibes.

I usually let my hair air dry, and that takes about 20 minutes. My hair isn’t naturally curly but it can get very wavy when i let it air dry . Disrupting the drying process with heating tools, or a towel would probably leave my hair flat and straight. Once it is dry, I’ve noticed my ends come back to life, thanks to the hydrating conditioner. Now that my hair is dry, and clean I move on to styling.

Sea Texture Cream Amplify + Refresh

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 9.25.12 PM

Before this product, I used my Conair heat rollers daily. Not good, I know. With summer heat, I try to avoid using heated products because:
1. It feels like I might suffocate in the bathroom
2. Year-round heat damage is not something you want to mess around with.

Now, my hand automatically goes toward this cream. I take a quarter size amount and scrunch it from root to tip in my hair. It does an amazing job at lifting my hair. My waves are instantly fuller, bouncier, and fresher. The best part about this cream, is it doesn’t feel stiff in my hair. Strands aren’t hard and sticky. Instead they’re flexible and fun. The Seaweed extract and kelp, add hydration and cleanse my hair. Besides that the sunflower seed extract provide UV protection so your hair is safe against then sun. After trying the Sea Texture Cream, it’s a staple in my hair routine, and something I will be purchasing.

Sea Spray

I touch my hair a lot throughout the day. It’s a habit of mine that I’ve been meaning to break, but the VERB Sea Spray helps me avoid any flatness that I create. I spray the mist all over my hair and it refreshes my look. The salt adds texture, and provides a lightly tousled wave. Just as if the ocean did it, itself.Verb must have found this collection in some secret treasure chest  deep in the ocean

VERB has done an amazing job, once again with this collection as they do with all their hair products. My personal favorite is their hydrating masks, which leave my hair feeling glossy and smooth. Endthe summer with beachy waves, that smell like a blue sea.


*Products were sponsored, in exchange for a full honest review*

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