Summer In The City

If I could describe my style in two words, I would say Urban Chic. Mixing a laid-back street style, with fun, and flirty is what I’m about. Having a relaxed graphic t-shirt and throwing on a pair of cute heels, I’m 100% there. 

summer in the cityFor today’s look, I paired one of my favorite thrifted shirts with a mini denim skirt. The loose sleeves gave me comfort, and toned the outfit down. What I love about this shirt, besides the graphic of course is the color range I have. The mustard yellow, and red compliment each other so well.

Tucking in a shirt can add shape and body to any outfit. Adding a belt, is a great way to tie a look together and create balance. Using my basic red belt, I brought the red in my embroidered shoes, and the red text in my shirt to pop out.


My shoes, have such great color and detail to it, I couldn’t help but throw them on. Adding a heel to any denim look can add the extra oomph, that it needs. The mini skirt gives a playful look, putting the chic in urban chic. Walking around the city streets, I felt girly and cool. I won’t lie, when I say walking I mean maybe five avenues because after awhile, lets face it, heels can hurt. I love this shoe style trend however maybe it is the brand or style of shoe , the top of the shoe will press down on your feet, creating blisters along the edge.  When purchasing a shoe always think of comfort , the wrong shoe ( as cute as they are ) can cause long term damage .


Adding a cute shoulder bag can complete the look and make it look effortless and cool. It’s interesting how wearing a bag a certain way can say something about you. For instance wearing the bag across you, rather than over your shoulder is much more casual and relaxed. The solid black color really helps add attraction to the shoes.

Summer in the city may be hot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look hot either.


With Love,

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