Dear 2018

Dear 2018,

This is my letter to you in hopes that you do me kind, these next three hundred sixty five days. 2017 was a bit harsh, and I’ve had better years but I have faith you’ll do me golden.

2018, I only hope that you lead me closer to my goals and passions as I leap into adulthood. I have a lot ahead of me this upcoming year, and each moment will be an important stepping stone in my life. I’d like to be more conscious of my decisions and how I identify with them. Last year, I constantly compared myself to others. As much as I’d like to say i’m “my own person” often times I would be alone too much for my liking. No one is able to grow on their own and figure out who they are by themselves. Those that we surround ourselves with, reflect who we are. Our friends, family, and loved ones give us these experiences and moments that help create our identity. I made a choice last year to be independant and stop socializing as much. This is my vow to 2018 that I will attempt to be free spirited, and say yes to opportunities that I may not typically say yes to. I want to get out of this foggy cloud of self-doubt and move forward. Instead of saying I hope I should I say I will. I will better my health. I will better my relationships. I will open doors to meet new people.  And I will better my overall self being.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am beyond grateful for the friendships that grew, the opportunities I had, and all that I have learned in 2017. I believe every moment is a learning opportunity whether it’s about yourself or others. 2018, I know there will be moments where I have to make choices and decisions that could shape my path for the future. I know there will be moments that may never happen again. All I ask, is that you are kind, positive, and have good faith.

Love always,


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