Transitioning Your Skincare Routine Into Summer

Why should you change up your skincare routine? If it's not broken don't fix it right? In this case, wrong. With summer right at our fingertips switching up our skincare routine is an important step in maintaining healthy skin. Due to environmental and weather changes it’s essential to think about how this affects our skin. I [...]

Six Things You should Consider When Planning Where To Go Abroad

Ever wonder what's on the other side of the ocean? College is a time to explore, and it provides students with the opportunity of a lifetime—to go wherever they'd like on the globe. Of course, with a choice like that things may get overwhelming. Once you've made the decision to pack your bags and go, [...]

Dear 2018

Dear 2018, This is my letter to you in hopes that you do me kind, these next three hundred sixty five days. 2017 was a bit harsh, and I’ve had better years but I have faith you’ll do me golden. 2018, I only hope that you lead me closer to my goals and passions as [...]

Warby Parker Vs. EyeBuyDirect

When online shopping was introduced it changed the game. Buying glasses online? Mind Blown.  That is of course, until companies like Warby Parker and EyeBuyDirect came into play. When it comes to glasses I am very particular. I take everything into consideration and I mean it. How heavy will the glasses feel on my face? What’s [...]

Au Revoir

Sophomore year has finally ended, and I'm totally not freaking out at the fact that I'm halfway done with college. My final look in college is a fun farewell to campus couture. With May comes a time of confusion. Seventy degrees, cloudy, and windy - what to wear?   The wind makes it too cold for [...]