The Fall Makeup Trends I’m Obsessed With 

ThereAutumn leaves bring us our essential fall color palette with hues of orange, red and green you can’t help but feel inspired to dress like the color-changing leaves. Earth tones have spread across my Instagram feed and have featured some of my favorite makeup looks for fall. Here’s what has me feeling inspired.

Orange Blush

I am obsessed with an orange blush. I love the cozy warmth it adds to your face and the pop of color it adds as our suntans fade out. The beautiful flush of color it creates on the skin to accentuate the cheekbones is why this is a must-have this fall. From Glossier Dusk orange to Nars Taj Mahal orange blush is too tempting not to give in.

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 9.59.05 PM


Colored Eyeliner

The colored liner has completely taken over my Instagram feed this summer from avant-garde designs to simple lines and squiggles – it’s here to stay. It’s time to trade the bright neon colors for deep rich colors like bourbon red, olive green, and royal navy. Adding in a bold eyeliner paired with a nude lip screams fall. A subtle nod to any fall color can pull any look together. 



Gray Matte Eyeshadow


ColourPop – Take the Lead

Lately, I’ve been seeing my beloved sheer eyeshadow favorites swapped for a matte finish. Usually, I’m bored with the “nude smokey look” but a matte grey all over the lid has got me hooked. This ultra 90s’ looked is giving me supermodel glam with an effortless feel. ColourPop’s Take The Lead is the affordable matte medium grey is the shade I’ve been looking for. There’s something about a color outside your typical golden browns that have me excited to try a new look. 

Muave anything Lolita_Eyeshadow_Palette.jpg.750x750_q85ss0_progressive

Kat Von D – Lolita Eyeshadow Palette 

Muave honey, mauve. This beautiful rich color is an amazing shade if you want a subtle and neutral pop of color. Whether it’s your eyeliner, on your eyelids or lips mauve is the trendsetting color for the season. It doesn’t get any more perfect, as the subtle purple goes amazing with grey, brown,  

This fall it’s all about adding color. Why stick to a monochromatic look when you can add fun designs, bold colors and find sneaky ways to add color into your look? Don’t be afraid to try new colors and experiment while doing it. What are you favorite trends for this season? 


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