Here’s What to Do When It’s Freezing in New York City

We all know winter is the time to stay in your bed and hibernate. But eventually you get tired of that and want to hit up a few friends and partake in fun winter activities. With limited funds after holiday shopping and temperatures below 30 degrees the only option is to stay inside and stare at a blank wall, right? Wrong. Below are five fun activities you can do without breaking the bank. 



Highline/Chelsea Market

Out of all the events, the most affordable is checking out the Highline and The Chelsea Market. Created on an old railroad, the Highline is a public park that runs from Hudson Yards to Chelsea. Make sure to pack hand warmers since you’ll be outside, or warm up inside the Chelsea Market. Located underneath the Highline, it is an awesome market filled with goodies, art installations and delicious food.


Thrift Stores

On a budget, but still want that “New Year, NewMe” wardrobe? Check out all the thrift stores around the city. Try on something silly, something cool, and something YOU! Thrift stores are great montage moments, where you dance and act silly in the dressing room. Pro tip: dress comfy. You’ll be taking off your clothes constantly so wearing the tightest jeans in your closet may not be the best choice. Here are some of my favorite thrift stores:

Beacons Closet
L TrainVintage 
Cross Road Trading


The Oculus/Westfield World Trade Center


I guarantee you, your hand will automatically reach for your camera to snap a picture of this awesome building. At the bottom of Manhattan lies the snowy white Oculus. You won’t have trouble finding it because it’s essentially a train station (the fanciest train station you and I will probably ever go to). Other than easy transportation, stores like Sephora, Apple, and Victoria Secret are there so you can walk around and shop.


Vivi Bubble Tea LES

Sure, you’ve had bubble tea but not like this. Crazy desserts have been blowing up on your Instagram and Facebook since last year, but none like this. Cotton candy? Check. Pop Rocks? Check. My personal favorite? The small jar on the side filled with extra tea to spill over your cotton candy. In this case, dessert should not be last. These drinks will definitley fill you up fast.


Metropolitan Museum of Art

Suggested donation, indoors, and art. You can’t go wrong. Explore the walls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and let each era take you through culture and history. What’s my favorite part of the museum? The Islamic Wing. With the intricate, and beautiful use of colors and details I always find myself mesmerized. Spend your day learning about different strokes with different folks!

Some of these activities might just cost you a metro card fare since they are publically available. So what are you waiting for? Roll yourself out of your blankets, and get going. Need some more inspiration? Follow Instagrams that share fun things to do around New York City like Big Apple Moves. Comment below and let me know what  your favorite places in New York CIty are, and how you spend your winter. 


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