Two words, Mask Monday. I know Monday’s aren’t my favorite day of the week and they probably aren’t yours. So, voila! Mask Monday. I started this routine to unwind from the stress that Monday brings and something to look forward to either at the end or the beginning of your day. Over time, I’ve tried my fair share of masks, lips, face, hair, feet – you name it I’ve probably tried it, but to keep it simple will stick to face masks. Here’s a list of all my personal favorites, that I keep using time and time again.

1. H2O+ Waterbright Water-Infused Brightening Mask – $5
Don’t like paper masks dripping all over the place and down your neck? Yeah, neither do I. This single-use gel facial mask hydrates and brightens all at once. I especially love this mask because it fits my face perfectly, leaving my skin feeling fresh and new. Sometimes when you take a mask off you feel like the serum is literally sitting on your face, this mask is great because since it has water-infused hydrogel technology which targets absorption of active ingredients.

2. Mario Badescu Whitening Mask – $24
Whenever my skin is going through discoloration or dryness I always reach for my Mario Badescu Whitening Mask. I know you’re probably looking at the price mark and you’re wondering if it’s that good. But I always think of how many uses I can get out of the multi-use face mask, and it’s usually around 6-10 uses. This mask has a blend of kojic acid and extracts of licorice root, mulberry, and grapeseed, good stuff, right? Well it also has vitamin E and olive leaf extracts which are the best ingredients you can put on your skin to help minimize the look of dark spots and redness.

3. Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Mask – $58
Alright, this stuff has been a consistent must have on my beauty shelf. I’m talking holy grail product right here. Which makes sense considering it’s harvested by hand. That’s right with the highest level of organic content in the world, 9,000-year-old black Moor Mud is harvested by hand from the Irish countryside. Cool, right? I usually this mask when I’m breaking out and my skin is just angry with me. Since its rich in minerals, charcoal, and seaweed it helps protect against skin damage and draw out all the toxins from my congested pores.

4. Joanna Vargas Euphoria Face Mask – $75 for 5 masks
If you haven’t noticed I haven’t mentioned a single paper mask up until now. These are probably the only paper face masks I swear by. Seriously, these will be used on my wedding day. I 👏 kid 👏 you 👏 not 👏 Made with bamboo, this anti-redness sheet mask instantly soothes, calms and nourishes the skin. It has everything you need to heal your skin and nourish it after a breakout. Joanna Vargas is a skincare company I swear by, none of the products from her line has failed me yet.

5. Fresh Rose Face Mask – $25
Sometimes you want to put a face mask on just to relax and take it easy. Nothing wrong with that. Usually, when my skin is behaving and I need a pick me up I’ll grab the Fresh Rose Face Mask. With rosewater, aloe vera, and cucumber extract this is the ultimate mask to soothe and calm your skin. It also has real rose petals mixed into the mask to make you feel as luxurious as possible.

6. Bliss What A Melon Overnight Mask – $15
Any time my skin looks dull and I instantly grab my What a Melon Overnight Mask. Not only does it remove dead cells, but my skin is so unbelievably dewy the next morning. I wake up to, literally glowing skin thanks to the watermelon extract which hydrates and plumps skin. Added bonus? Cruelty-free.


I hope you all have the chance to take some time out of your day and enjoy time for yourself! If you have any recommendations for masks you think I may like, or any masks you want me to review leave a comment down below.  

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