What Even is Hair Oil?

I know it may seem a little counterintuitive to buy hair oil when technically your hair already produces it. But hear me out on this – there are so many proven benefits to hair oils. As one of the biggest multi-purpose products in the beauty game right now, you can use them as a detangler, heat protectant, hair mask, styling product, finishing product, you name it and i’m sure there’s a hair oil for it. It’s all about experimenting with your hair and seeing what works best for your texture and type of hair.

So before you get too overwhelmed with hair oils to choose from – here are my favorite hair oils that I use all the time.

Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Oil
Once I dyed my hair, my hair died. I needed a hair oil that would bring my hair back to life. Since it’s color treated it’s dry, damaged, and just seen better days. Oribe Gold Lust Oil has helped condition my hair to strengthen my strands and reduce breakage. With key ingredients like jasmine, argan oil, and sandalwood you know this stuff smells like luxury.

VERB Ghost Hair Oil 
This is probably the only type of ghosted you want to get. The “vanishing” formula gives my hair an ultra shiny look without weighing it down. Thanks to moringa oil, i’ve seen my hair go from dull and boring to smooth and radiant. The biggest take away for me is definitely how lightweight the formula is, the oil reduces frizz and seals down my strands, so flyaways who???? Also, you never want your hair to actually feel oily after you put some product in it which is why Ghost Oil is definitely one of my go-to’s. Don’t forget you can shop with and get 16% off using this link!😉

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil
Honey is the answer to everything. From my skincare routine, to a sore throat somehow honey is incorporated. So it only makes sense it’s in my hair routine too. Gisou prides itself on the Mirsalehi bee garden. Their honey contains loads of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, flavonoids, and antioxidants which means it’s amazing for your hair. Once I finish washing my hair at night, I like to take a few drops to my strands and give it a little overnight treatment. If you need any extra proof on how good this oil is just look at the founder, Negin Mirsalehi’s hair. Like c’mon.

With more than more than just one benefit to your mane, a hair oil can be nice extra step in your routine. Plus, there are all different types of hair oils out right now, there’s no harm in trying one out. Just make sure to stay away from mineral and paraffin oils which can make the hair greasy and give you the opposite look of what you want.

The best part? A little goes a loooong way so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth with a product that’ll last ya.


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