My Favorite Nude Lipsticks

Remember when a dark burgundy lip color was all the rage? A vampy red, that was perfect for fall. But, just like everything else, trends come and go. The latest lip color trend is a nude lip. From KKW Beauty to L’Oreal every brand is dropping there must have lipsticks. It’s hard not to get overwhelmed and feel like finding the perfect nude is impossible – but here are my four tried and tested favorites.


No one should be as frantic as I was when I couldn’t find my  favorite nude lip color on Colourpop. If you are obsessed with Colourpop as much as I am, then you know how often they discontinue their colors. I just wish I got a chance to stock up on the shade “Buffy” before they completely shut off my nude lipstick supply #rude.


During these times of mourning, there’s always one website to save the day. Temptalia shares dupes that are closest in texture, shade, and longevity. So here’s the next best thing according to Temptalia; Mac’s Powder Kiss lipstick in the shade Impulsive. So once my tube of Buffy runs out you know what shade I’ll be wearing next.

Let’s get this straight, I am not a lip gloss type of person. I hate the gooey sticky feeling on my lips. Somehow it just so happens to be a windy day every single time I put on lip gloss. Every time. Seriously, the gross feeling of peeling back my hair from my lips and then having lipgloss residue on my stands is a no for me.

With that being said, Fantasia is my ONE exception.

Cue *Only Exception, Paramore*


The beautiful shine it has and the vanilla scent is an example of what all glosses should be. This light nude is perfect alone, or as a topper to complete a lewk.


Back in the day when I made my first few baby steps into beauty, NYX was a staple in my small little makeup pouch. Since those days I’ve found new eyeliners and eyeshadows that have replaced those, but my liquid suede lipstick in the shade Soft Spoken has stayed. It’s the perfect pink-nude I need. Although it’s not as long lasting as some other it’s still a favorite of mine.



The newest addition to my nude lipstick rotation has been the Liquid Lipstick Stepping Out by Smashbox. This shade is darker than the rest of my other lip shades. So I like to use it when my eye makeup is simple, or a night out. It dries matte and stays on forever.


When trying to find nude lip shades that work for you, follow your undertone. If you have cool undertones go for  nude shades that have grey undertones. What I found that works best for me are warm golden colors. Have you found you all time favorite  lip shade?

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